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Does this insurance cover medical expenses for Co***-19?
Yes, it does. Some also covers medical expenses from accident and sickness (pre-existing condition is excluded). However, kindly note patients who are tested positive for Co***-19 will be categorized into 3 levels of conditions. Green case Asymptomatic, Mild symptoms, No underlying conditions Yellow case Tight chest, Complications from underlying diseases, Infected lungs, Difficult breathing, Dizziness, Diarrhea (more than 3 times a day) Red case Difficult breathing and exhaustion when breathing, Feeling pain when breathing, Fatigue, unconsciousness For patients in Yellow case & Red case, insured can be hospitalized in hospital and can claim insurance according to benefits bought. For Green case, It's not medical necessary for the insured to be hospitalized. Therefore, Insurers will not pay for accommodations (hospital, hospitel), Insurers will only pay for OPD medicines and telemedicine (if any).
Is there a waiting period on the policy?
Coverage of most insurance starts as soon as you pass Thai’s immigration, no deductible. Only Tune iPass Co*** (1 yr Co*** Insurance) has 14 days waiting period.
Can we use credit card to buy this insurance?
Yes, you can use both Visa or Master credit card.
Can we still buy this insurance after we just landed in Thailand?
Yes, only Tune Insurance (iPass plan) allows you to buy this when you’re already in Thailand. The rest, you need to buy it before you depart from your country.
Is this insurance applicable to get Thailand Pass?
Yes, USD 20,000, 50,000 and 100,000 coverage qualify Thailand Pass’s new requirement (USD 20,000 coverage). However, for applicant who wishes to apply for Long Stay Visa or Visa O-A, please make sure to buy a USD 100,000 coverage as it’s been announced that they need coverage equivalent to 3 million baht. See details
How long does it take until I receive my policy schedule?
In 5-10 minutes, you should receive both a policy and also confirmation of coverage by email. If not check your spam folder or contact us
Will the insurance cover you when you leave Thailand?
No, This insurance only covers you in Thailand.
Can 1 person buy more than 1 policy?
No, one insurer allows 1 person to buy 1 policy.
New ‘Test & Go’ allows vaccinated travelers from which country?
Any country around the world, See most updated info about Test & Go by click here
Who doesn’t need to buy USD20,000 insurance?
Thais and foreign expatriates under Thailand’s national healthcare coverage are exempt from this requirement.
What about travelers with history of Co***-19 infection?
Once recovered, They need at least 1 approved vaccine and must obtain a certificate of Co***-19 recovery
Can I buy insurance if I’ve been infected with Co***-19 before?
Yes, please make sure you are already recovered and can provide certificate of recovery in case you’ve been asked to.
Can I enter Thailand if I’m not fully vaccinated?
18 years of age and older should be fully vaccinated, but rules are different for travelers below 18. Also see approved vaccine in the link here
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